Refurbished Safes & Second Hand Safes


We stock, supply and install a wide variety of refurbished safes as well as second hand safes. Some of the models we stock include Dudley, Chubb and SMP safes. Whether you need a basic wall safe or an SABS grade gun safe, we have a solution that will meet your needs.


All refurbished safes that we supply come with a 12 month warrantee which is equivalent to the manufacturers warrantee. We will also provide a free ground floor delivery and installation of any second hand safe purchased from us.

As with a new safe, our refurbished safes adhere to the same SABS standards. Locks on our second hand safes are either reconditioned or replaced if faulty with a suitable alternative lock. We operate from a modern facility where we produce refurbished safes that are identical in quality and function to their branded counterparts.

Buying one of our refurbished safes will not only save you money but can add some additional security to the safe.

No matter what safe you require, every safe or vault us supply is awarded a grade for their resistance to a burglary. This is particularly important for insurance reasons, as the contents of a safe will only be insured if the safe carries the appropriate safe grade.

No matter which used safe your purchase, all of our safes have a quality grade which indicates their ability to withstand an attack. This is very important for insurance companies as they will only insure your valuables if the safe is properly graded. We take the utmost pride in keeping your valuables safe.

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