Opening of Safes & Repairing of Safes


Our specialty lies in the opening of safes, repairing of safes and moving of safes. WE are experts when it comes to vaults and safes. Whether you’re key has broken in your safe or whether you have lost the keys to your safe, our technician’s will be able to assist you. Our safe technicians in Kimberley are fully trained and qualified to open almost any model of safe. Our locksmiths are available 24 hours and can come to you to finish the job at the site while you wait.


We often deal with the opening of safes for large companies. We have worked with many big corporate entities such as retailers, department stores, supermarkets and local businesses. If needed we can provide you with a list of references from various clients. Our locksmiths are well known for being able to open any safe or vault when the keys have been lost or stolen or if the safe itself has malfunctioned.

We can open any safe whether it is digital, manual, or a simple security deposit box. No matter what the circumstances are we will get you sorted in a jiffy. Very often the opening of safes is an emergency. This is why our technicians are available after hours so you don’t have to wait till the next day.  

By making use of unqualified technicians you will run the risk of your safe being damaged. Also don’t risk work to be done on the safe away from your premises, because the security of your valuables could be at risk. We will come to your premises to carry out work on your safe, including the duplication of keys.

Our work is fully guaranteed and our safe technicians adhere to all the necessary qualifications. Our locksmiths are also registered with all the local organizations.


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