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When you are locked out of your and need a car locksmith in Kimberley, look no further. It is never a nice situation when you can’t access your car because you lost your car keys. Sometimes the locks can seize or jam and this can also be very frustrating. Luckily our car locksmith is on standby whenever something like this happens to you.


In such a case our car locksmith is able to gain access to your car in a tactful manner causing no damage to the locking mechanism. Whichever situation you find yourself in we can easily make custom keys for your cars door locks as well as the ignition.

Whether you have an old car or a brand new model, they are both vulnerable to lock-related issues. You will be glad know our car locksmith is on duty 24 hour a day throughout the year. We have years of experience and expert skills which enable us to work on almost any model of car old or new.

By calling us your problem will be sorted and you will also save money on further repairs to your car. Our car locksmith will provide you with a quick and effective service that will get you on your way again where ever you need to be.

Newer cars make use of transponder keys which also give problems from time to time. Sometimes it can be as simple as flat batteries and other times the key needs to be recoded or even replaced. With over 15 years’ experience in the industry we can replace or repair transponder keys for most vehicles on the market. For many our car locksmith is their service provider of choice when they need a transponder key repaired, replaced or even duplicated. .

Our car locksmith is fully certified and trained on the latest car key equipment which makes them fully prepared for any lock related problem. We also make use of fully equipped mobile workshops that enable us to come out to you were ever you are located. This saves you time and money and you will on your way again in no time.


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