Installers of CCTV Cameras


We do more than just supply and install CCTV cameras. Being a security provider we also repair, service and upgrade all types of camera systems. Our vast range of products gives us the ability to install a variety of security related systems that suit the needs of our customers. These include IP cameras, High Resolution Analog cameras, AHD systems, Audio recording cameras and many more.


A great way of providing extra security to your home or business is by making use of CCTV cameras. It not only acts as a deterrent for criminals but also provides you with a video feed of events happening at your residence or work.

Over the years we have become one of the leaders in the security industry. Our customers trust us and they know we take pride in our work. All our CCTV camera systems can be viewed remotely and can be integrated to your existing ADSL network.

This means you can remotely log into your CCTV cameras through your ADSL line. Remote viewing allows you to view each of your cameras live from your phone, tablet or laptop.

When your alarm company contacts you that your alarm has been trigged, you can immediately log in and view what is happening at your home or office. Whether you need it for security or whether you need it to monitor your employees, you will be able to view your CCTV cameras live in real time.

The software used to monitor your cameras are very easy to use, and setting it up can be as easy as 3 taps on your phone. There is also no monthly payments or extra costs with remote viewing.


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